Sunday, November 14, 2010

Productive weekend is productive

Ok, so it was more of a productive super-weekend. Since I'm a government employee (trust me, the most boring kind of government employee imaginable) I got Veteran's Day off, and I took Friday off as a vacation because . . . who wants to go back to work for a day after having a day off? Over this magnificent four-day weekend, I managed to write over 12,000 words! I'm fairly proud of that. I started and completely finished two separate stories. The first was the story I mentioned in my last post, about a woman who must survive without her magic for fear of harming her child. I also wrote a fairly short story (2,700 words) about a poor, abused woman who fully believes that she is the one who must be doing something wrong. When the stars talk to her, they tell her a different story.

Nano Count: 22,698

The next story: In the late 21st century, an agent of the United States government uses his technological enhancements to save Chicago from a military bio-monster.

I have not written a good post about the actual art of writing in several weeks, and plan to rectify that situation soon. Expect part two of my Villains post later this week.

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